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Our nation

Components of our nation

Civics - Is the subject which deals with the study of duties, rights and responsibilities of citizens in a country

Nation - A large group or community of people living together in a defined geographical area

Nationalism - Is the political will of a nation to unite and fight against foreign rule with the intention of ruling themselves

National Language - Is the language which has been chosen and accepted to be used in national matters

Language - Is a learned, shared and arbitrary system of vocal or written symbols through which human beings communicate with one another

Components of a nation - Government, people, territory

Symbols of national sovereignty - National flag, coat of arms, currency, constitution

Factors affecting national sovereignty - Pressure groups, conflicts, civil wars, poverty

Importance of the National Flag to Tanzania - Symbol of the nation, shows national independence and sovereignty, a seal of the president and government, state symbol for the president/country/citizens, symbol of unity and freedom , symbol of nationality and Tanzanian culture, used during unfortunate events like the death of a state leader

Factors promoting national integrity in Tanzania - Secularism, Kiswahili, Arusha declaration, monopartyism

Benefits of being identified as a citizen of a country - Helps people in the provision of social services, legal way of being recognized as a real citizen, given rights under the law, you are able to be employed in the country, nation can defend you from violence or war

Promotion of national unity is enhanced by - Sports/games, traditions, customs, national language, intermarriage

The union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar was influenced by their desires for security

1.1.2 The national symbols

National Symbols - These are things which identify the country as independent and sovereign

Examples of national symbols - National flag, coat of arms, national currency, national constitution, national anthem

Tanzanian flag colours represent - Black - skin, yellow - minerals, blue - water, green - vegetation

The seal of the government is the coat of arms

Coat of arms and national emblem are the same

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